Berkeley Workshop on
Searches for Supersymmetry at the LHC

Organized by J.-F. Arguin1), C. Bauer1), B. Heinemann1,2), Z. Ligeti1), M. Papucci1), D. Stuart3)

1) LBNL, 2) UC Berkeley, 3) UC Santa Barbara

Oct 19th - 21st, 2011

Already based on only 40 pb-1 of 2010 data the LHC experiments have searched for supersymmetry in a variety of signatures and extended the direct constraints previously set by the Tevatron and LEP experiments. With the 2011 dataset which is expected to correspond to a luminosity of a few fb-1, the reach will be extended significantly and offers the best chance of actually observing supersymmetric particles since the theory first was invented by Julius Wess and Bruno Zumino in 1974.

We thus host this workshop to review the experimental results, and to evaluate to which extent all theoretical possibilities are well covered in the ongoing experimental searches. The workshop is primarily targeted at students and young postdocs.

Tentative Agenda: The detailed tentative agenda can be found here

Location: LBL, Perseverance Hall in bldg.54 (back of the cafeteria)


To register, please follow this link. The deadline for registration is September 15th. To register after this date, please contact us directly, as we have limitations on the number of participants due to space constraints.

Here is the List of Participants.


Participation is limited to about 60-70 people in order to maintain a workshop atmosphere that allows detailed discussions. If more applications are received preference is given to PhD students who want to graduate with 2011 data. The cost is $40 to attend. There will be a barbeque on Thursday, October 20th. The cost for attending the barbeque is an additional $30 per person. Fees can be paid when you arrive.


A list of hotels near the LBNL shuttle bus can be found below. The rates indicated may only be available until two weeks before the workshop. More information about nearby accommodation is available here: Please make a reservations as soon as possible. Block booking is reserved until only two weeks before the event. To make the reservation call them and refer to Tami Blackwell or Eric Essman to get the above rate. If you have trouble, please contact Tami Blackwell and Eric Essman.

This workshop is the 4th in a series on High PT Hadron Collider Physics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics.
   Please send email to Jean-Francois Arguin, Christian Bauer, Beate Heinemann, Zoltan Ligeti, Michele Papucci, David Stuart if you have any questions. DOE logo

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